Blank Verse (webseries, 2013/2014)

Amanda Konkin

Amanda Konkin created the webseries Blank Verse about William Shakespeare as a modern day university student in 2013. New episodes of Blank Verse were posted every week from Sept-Dec 2013, and Ben’s Vlog was a twice weekly spin off that was available in March/April 2014. Amanda Konkin created the series and concept, bringing on different writers and directors to tackle the individual episodes. She also worked with Laura McLean (director for Act 3 and Ben’s Vlog) to develop extensive companion content for the series, including character run twitter accounts, an online newspaper and video series for the fictional Bankside University Newspaper the Messenger Speech, and a blog run by Will Shakespeare. The prologue episode for the series, which Amanda wrote and directed, has over 10,000 views on youtube.

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